Friday, February 27, 2009


I started my MSN blog, nearly 5 years ago. And somehow, at a very volatile stage of my mind. Hence, my posts there started reflecting me. Whatever I wrote there often ended up as the truest bit of my memory, the truest feel of my heart. Since the blog was about me, and since I at that time was an introvert, I never ever publicised it. It was this secret to be discovered, for perhaps people who really did want to know me. Too much of an expectation eh? :) 

Fortunately at that time, a few people accidentally stumbled across my blog. Some of my classmates actually. I started getting a few comments. And not only from them but also from strangers. 'Frankly you deserve a better space to write your stuff' one of them commented. 'Try blogger where people don't necessarily have to register for an account to comment upon.' I ignored that comment at that time. Later, came the revolutionary blogger. Everyone was on it. Putting up their links on messengers, gtalk etc. So much was going on.. around me. In my enthusiam, I too created a blogger account and started writing. But somehow I found whatever I wrote, was forced. Was 'for the sake of writing' wala blog. I dint like that. There can't be two mes. I was just one and I had to believe in what I write. Eventually I let go of blogger and returned to MSN to write my best. And yes, even then I dint dare publish its link anywhere. A relative who accidentaly saw the link in one of my emails read the blog and was shocked at what I was here, and there :). 'Profound' exclaimed one of my friends. 'The PJ queen is profound!' yeah, well. 

Anyway, recently I had been reading through the blogs of a lot many friends. And I realized truly there was a lot to innovate and share with people. A lot of people connected instantly to the status mesgs I wrote on Gtalk. I realized, that was because I wrote my experience and observations which were most often, similar to the ones they had. I thought may be I should be more accessible and share my thoughts with too. That's when I decided to embrace blogger for good. I still dont know if my connect with MSN will ever go. It's a psychological thing ofcourse. But anyways, I've worked hard to resurrect this blog. It's like being reborn. I hope you enjoy reading the posts henceforth. The posts below this one are some of the select old articles from my MSN blog :) while the rest will be what I write afresh. Enjoy, with a twinkle :) 

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Priyanka Venu said...

Wow..dats sum effort, i must say...but ya me too very comfortable with blogger n prefer dat to other blogging welcome back,its always an experience to read ur posts. :)