Friday, February 27, 2009


There are some people, that i have met during my journey in life, whom I felt I wanted to know them better. Probably wanted to spend a precious hour with them, just knowing them! just talking to them.. about anything and everything, sense and nonsense, and hearing them out on the same :D
Many a times, there is someone who comes into your life, and leaves a lasting impression there! the person might be your friend, relative, stranger, boss, or just about anyone!! Today dearth of time has made knowing each other almost impossible. We're always running. Always cribbing. We miss out on knowing people. We miss out on so many precious moments! half of it is because we dont have time, other half is because our perceptions are blurred by gossips, rumours and prejudices. Believe me, when i say you know a person, it need not be for the purpose of a lasting relationship.. it may be just for a day.. a moment.. but what you get to know brings a smile on your face whenever you next meet that person :) They say, too much intimacy, invasion in the private chambers of other person's mind is also not too good. very true. As i always believe( or have started believing recently), at a certain point one has to stop the quest of knowing more about another person. One has to keep a certain distance. mental distance doesnt lead to a distance from hearts :). its just needed at times. Close enough to know. Far enough to let go.
sometimes I wonder if I will ever meet those people again! There are so many questions i'd like to ask! without any restrains, fears!! I think we all should be given a special day in our lives when we get to meet the people we missed knowing :) just a day! when the wind of change stops for a while. and a gale of memories rushes thru the lanes of our minds.. just a day!!! 

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