Saturday, January 21, 2012

Health is a choice we make

Over this ongoing period of my diet, I have realized, health is a choice we make. 'Will you be able to do it?' asked my dietician, with complete cloud of doubt cast over her face. 'Eating out 4 times in a day! How will you do it?' she asked again as I stared dumbfounded at her. Ab kya bolun! I knew I had to lose weight, 'but when?' is something the whole of zamana kept asking me. I had no answer. And finally I was there. I thought hard, like exam hai bhai, kuch toh jawaab dena padega. And then I looked straight in her face and told her 'Listen, all 25 years of my life, I have had all kinds of food.. sweet, cheese, oil, baked, fried, toasted, everything.. everything I always wanted to have.. no one's ever stopped me. I have enjoyed my food for that period of my life. Now, I want to see how it is to lead a healthy life. So yes, I am on.' I finished with this Oscar type speech. She blinked. And recovered. 'Okay. Let's start'. And there, I have begun working on my unfinished dreams of years.

They said it would be tough, in the beginning to let go of all the junk. But somewhere, I had achieved nirvana. I had plonked so much crap into myself, that dieting seemed like having a bath after being dirty for ages. It was fun. And today, intelligent nutritionists do not abuse the word diet. It's not starve and crave wala diet. I was secretly abusing my dietician for giving me cheese, paneer, bread as a part of my diet, my family thought 'WHAT THE HELL'. But I realized, I had to trust her. Coz whenever I put my foot on the weighing scale, she was palpitating more than me! She used to cross her fingers hoping i've lost weight. And sure enough, it worked. She still ensures I get what I like.. of course, when I see those pasteries, puffs, ban maska, cakes, rolls and burgers, my heart lurches back to those days I used to hog.. wowwwww.. but then, the famous hindi dialogue, 'kuch paane ke liye, kuch khona padta hai'. What is also working for me is, people around me support me more than myself. It's beautiful how everyone wants you to be healthy. From mom who makes omelettes early morning to my colleagues at workplace who keep an eye on my sneak peeks with fried snacks. It's just wonderful to see everyone care.

So then I do my bit. I had given up wanting to be an early riser. And lo! Behold, I get up, go for a walk almost every day. It's a choice I've made. It's a sign I have read, an opportunity I have clung to. Of course, there are miles to go before I sleep, or even celebrate a teeny weeny bit. Yeh picture abhi baaki hai mere dost ;) Cheers to a healthy life!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

What does it take?

What does it take, for the world to sit up and notice you?
Good looks? If you have some, you're the apple of the eye. Else you're the onion that can make others cry.
Then may be, good fashion sense? Ah that makes up for the looks part of it, if you dress well, you must be someone worth talking to.
Or then, position and power? After all, power doesn't come to just about anybody! If you have the power, surely you're special.
Or how well you're networked may be. Hmm. Sounds good. I don't care who you are. I love the people you're around with.
Or then, may be you have famous parents? There you go, you're labelled as one among the spoilt brat generation
Oh and ultimately, if you've got the riches, you've got the world at your feet.

But what if you don't want to do or don't have either of the above? And yet you want to achieve fame, get noticed and respected?
The world is a place full of hypocrites and superficial people. Deep down they value much more than just what's stated above. But they need to be bought to their senses. Superficial judgement will give you superficial winners. Many say 'beauty matters. beautiful people get noticed and that's the truth'.. And many forget, 'beauty is a weak magnet. And when this magnet loses its power, the consequences are terrible'. If you're one of those seeking a voice and trying to get the world to notice you, don't give up. Let your work speak. Dream your dreams and live your goals, get where you want to, while the world fights to please the above. It's not about getting yourself noticed. It's about sticking up for all those who get ignored, just because they're not beautiful/rich/fashionable/powerful/well networked etc.