Friday, February 27, 2009


How often have we admired a Shahrukh Khan on big screen or a Tulsi, Parvati, Jassi (well dont kill me for those bad examples :P) on small screen! Wow! I mean for those who watch television, these guys are their daughters, daughter-in-laws, sasus and god knows what more! they are everything. They get the fame, the respect, the money.. they get written about in every single Page 3 or at times even page 1 of the newspapers! Every movement of theirs, whether it is about drinking coffee with Karan or Singing with Hariharan (sorry for the PJ but im bored) is glorified by the media. Credits at the start of every programme flashes their names as if they're martrys for the nation. But wait.. Are they?
If you think i was gonna talk the same shit about Kekta Kapoor and her Kerials, then no. I guess you know enough already. I am here to talk about those behind the camera. those behind the scenes! The dadas of the sets, the Cameramen, the technicians, gaffers, grips..  Being in Star, I had an amazing opportunity to be a part of production team during shoots. And let me tell you, its hell out there. Every time a damn scene is shot, heavy lights and wiring has to be shifted, Sets have to be rearranged, stuff has to be bought, make-up has to be done, tapes have to be in place.. and its not easy! coz many a time the scenes which are of only 1 minute in duration require more than 2 hrs worth of set-up. And those two hours your favourite stars spend napping in  their make up vans or eating food or at the most rehearsing. while these dadas go running about every single moment, bfore the shot and even during and after! They are literally on their toes for more than 12 hrs at a stretch! unimaginable isnt it? and yet the best part is that they keep smiling! they dont mind serving you with cold drinks or snacks whenever you feel hungry! its embarrasing! especially for me as an intern, I would get a bit nervous seeing the amnt of respect! ofcourse they do expect respect in return too. you cant call them by names or 'aye', you have to call them dada. which is something i really like. No one here looks down upon the other. Except for ofcourse actors.. they think they are the soul of the movie! I am not saying they are wrong or whatever given to them is wrong. I am just trying to highlight the contribution of these unseen, unheard of people in the maknig of phenomenal movies!
And yet they hardly get noticed in the credits.. they are hardly written about! i feel someone should take up this aspect of entertainment and highlight such achievements that go beyond those fast forward technical awards held by filmfare! In that sense i think in Main hoon na, farah khan has done an amazing thing by literally showing teh these backstage faces on screen! bingo! i hope the rest follow the suit soon!

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