Friday, February 27, 2009

Where I turned into you

Where I turn into You…


I know I am not alone.

And yet I feel away..

Placed where the rays of the sun turn into a speckle,

Placed where the strong winds sway..


And as I walk a mile,

My face breaks into a watery smile..

As I look back to the horizon, and bade good bye,

As I look ahead up the hill, and walk, teary-eyed.


I am walking, but not moving ahead..

I am missing. But not being searched for yet.

When time plays a game, all is lost.

It hides into the depth of circumstances,

When u need it the most.


Blink of an eye, and the familiar is gone,

What you once wished, turns into a regret soon..

In a crowd, you go to seek some peace,

When alone, you simply pay the price.

There’s never enough for anyone out there,

Just one familiar word is a surprise.


But as you go along, the path full of rubble,

You realize you get strong, the more you face the trouble…

Unfortunate are those, who’ve never failed in life,

Who think succeeding is cool, cool enough to boast in pride.


Toughest steel comes out of sweltering fire,

Calmest are those, whose minds burn with desire.

Coolest are those, who pass the test of the pyre..

And Humble are those, who never see themselves any higher.. 

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