Friday, February 27, 2009

The last ray

Why isnt 'giving up' so easy? oh.. you might think ive made a typo error. infact its the easiest thing on this planet. giving up jobs for comfort, giving up family for friends, giving up studies for a cool life, giving up values for fashion, and yeah, the ultimate acme, giving up your life to ensure another 100 die with u (suicide bombers). And yet there might be times when giving up will not seem so casual and heartless. this happens when time comes to give up the only thing for which you've given up your world. this happens when your're asked to give up, the thing you have lived for, want to live with, for all your life.  the thing may be anything. love, hate, forgiveness, anger, goals, achievements, dreams.. 
i believe each one of us in this world has a dream. A dream world, a dream goal. Dreams are mostly made up of impossibles. but then wat is impossible today is sure to be possible tomorrow. the point is, will you be the one who will make it possible? or will you give up, move aside, and make way for others and then brood over your luck? look at nothing as impossible, and time will seem infinite for you. i am not saying you will overpower time. TIME will become numb, the same way your body becomes numb after being injected with anesthesia. you will live, and move with time. but not let time bother you about it running faster. you can just see your goal and nothing else will matter now. you are just reaching there, happy and content, but ofcourse, no journey is complete without obstacles just as no movie is complete wihtout a villian. and here lies your ability to stay calm, fight time with patience. it may take a month, two months, two years for this fight to abate.. for time to realize that your willpower is far more than its clock ticking.. your heartbeats are faster than the seconds. you will have to fight with patience. it is a tough fight. coz patience often comes across externally as cowardlyness, laziness, indifference. but you alone know your mind is fighting, its restless and given  a chance, it can scream thru the thin air, wither in pain and cry for pity just like everyone else around you does. but it chooses not to create a scene. it wants to test the brutality of god. how much worse can it get from here? you ask yourself. you brace yourself for rejection, taunts, this world full of nosy people who have no better work than comment on your life. you are ready for it. let it get as bad as it can. someday god will release the ropes of frustration and let me move ahead in peace. and that day i will be a far better person, well equipped mentally, to move ahead this path full of uncertainities that ppl fear, but i will cherish them. coz every trouble gives me hope.. every sign of pain gives me the sweet smell of arrival of relief. i can live thru it.. 

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