Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Untouched priorities.

It happens. At times, when you manage to steal a glance within yourself, you feel disappointed. Disappointed that most often, things that mean the most to you, are left untouched and undone. There are no justifications for it. And sadly, not even the best excuse can make up for it. It means you've sidelined your priorities. 

It's not as if it's a concious effort to sideline priorities. It never has been for me atleast. But I am a person who goes with the flow of time. And perhaps, not ahead of it. Time defines priorities for me. Priorities don't define the time I give to things. If at a particular moment, I feel like doing something, I do it. If I am of help somewhere, I give it. Even if that means a bit of a compromise, I always believe it will strike a balance at a later stage. People often regret moving away from their priorities. It makes them feel uncomfortable and doesn't help others around them either. Priorities in life are important, but not absolute. If we give, for a moment, more importance to stuff we love to do, rather than to stuff we 'have to' do, I feel its an amazing decision one can take. If for a moment, we give more important to things that will make others happy, rather than things that make us happy, I feel its a blessing. 

Having said that, I dont undermine the importance of priorities. Like I said, when you manage to glance within, you are horrified that things that matter the most, remain untouched, uncared for. At what price? I ask myself. In exchange for doing things I loved to do? In exchange for someone's laughter? In exchange for a bit of fun? In exchange for madness? In exchange for giving joy? And then I smile and say, I don't regret doing all that I did. I just regret not taking along my priorities as I walked. But now I've come back to them. I will pick them up and take them along my journey of life. Where what I love to do, and what I have to do, will co-exist under the umbrella of time.  :) 


Priyanka Venu said...

well conveyed. I luv the last line...sums up the entire thing beautifully...I've had these times too, when i actually let things go whilst doin wat i rly enjoy...but for sum1 lik u with such a strong will and ability to work hard, its rly not a big im sure ul get the 2 to co exist. :)

Drashti said...

no re. Hasnt been happening lately. Sometimes I wished I was 'STUCK' to my priorities. hocus, pocus, focus! It's like.. a fight between one life to achieve all that we want and the same one life to enjoy too :)