Friday, February 27, 2009

At the back of the crowd

So back to observations. Have you ever felt at times, that your genuine attempts for some things go completely unnoticed? At first you are at the centre stage of things. Your performance gets applauded, you are the one everyone wants, untill your competitor arrives. The focus shifts. you're pushed aside, brushed aside and the crowd rushes to cheer for the new arrival. you're biwildered. What to do? What went wrong? Am I not respected anymore? Who the hell is this new entrant? How can ppl shift loyalties with me? Why am I being ignored? How can this happen to me? Wasnt i popular?
And suddenly, as you look ahead, you find you're standing right at the back of a cheering crowd, facing the new performer. You give your jealous mind some rest and decide to see this performance objectively. YOu realize, there's some magic. Some magic that you've never had. You begin to see why the crowd changed loyalties, you begin to see why the new talent is so popular. You begin to appreciate leaving aside  your insecurities and threats. And that's when you smile, and realize, its time to do some rethinking, some revamping. You're not supposed to be a coward, a spoilt sport and turn your back towards the reality. At times it so happens that you have to stand at the back of the crowd and applaud.. as long as you appreciate, as long as you learn, nothing can stop you from getting back there again. :) cheers! 

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