Thursday, March 1, 2012

What is beautiful?

Conventional beauty is passe... today its about defining the beautiful. What is beautiful?

1. When your parents give you pocket money, even when you've heard them crib about bank balance. That's beautiful

2. When your sibling starts crying when they see you crying, that's beautiful

3. When you see your grandparents face light up seeing you get an award, that's beautiful

4. When you are lonely and yet feel happy listening to a perfectly awesome piece of music, that's beautiful

5. When you surprise someone with a gift and they give you this super surprised reaction, that's beautiful

6. When unexpected people shower care on you, that's beautiful

7. When you fail and you push yourself to rise above the rest, that's beautiful

8. When you feel jealous about someone but back it up with respect for the person, that's beautiful

9. When you have complaints against someone but don't insult them, that's beautiful

10. When you can smile even while u rage a lonely battle inside, that's beautiful

11. When you are hurt by a friend, but can't stop being fond of him/her, that's beautiful

12. When you know you are not exactly the best, but you love yourself, that's beautiful

13. When you know that beauty is what you make it to be, that's a beautiful realization indeed

What's beautiful in your life? Do share. May be we all need a few reasons to feel beautiful :)


Maulin Buch said...

Having been away from home for over a year and a half, and that moment you book your tickets for home.. that's beautiful.

Drashti said...

Well said :D :D