Monday, March 5, 2012


Naa jaane kitne saadhu santo ne kahaa hoga, 'Don't expect and be happy.' Perhaps there's only one key to happiness in any relationship. 'Don't expect and be happy'. And today, that is the sacred mantra to attaining nirvana from pain, hurt and disappointments. But sometimes I wonder, is that really the answer? Do we really have to stop expecting? Because sometimes, setting no expectation from someone, can be a let down for them. Of course you expect your parents to be wanting to see you happy, Of course, you expect that if you've worked hard, you'll be appreciated. Of course, you will expect your husband/wife to remember your anniversary if  you're married. There are some things, which get character, which throw up the joy and thrill in life, only because of expectations. And other moments, become joyous, simply because we do not expect them to happen.

Expectation is all about striking a balance. In fact, when you expect from someone, you are indirectly telling them how much they mean to you. Disappointments are a result of expectations which are a result of trust and love. So then, they say, no expectations lead to delights every single time. Is it? Because then, you stop valuing the delight. Kiya toh bhi theek, nahee kiya toh bhi theek. What's the fun in that? When you don't expect, you don't feel.. and when you don't feel.. you don't remain human anymore. Do you? Expectations are about knowing who exactly you want to expect from. Not everyone you know, will strive to fullfill them for you. And that's where most people go wrong. Put the faith of expectation in the wrong people, and sink into the ocean of disappointments because they couldn't care less. But expect from the right ones, the ones you know care for you, and you know they will bend rules, to ensure you're not disappointed. Expectations are nothing, but telling the people you love, 'I know, you can do it.' or even better, 'I know you WILL do it' :)

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