Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Time is the healer

Today, I am writing about forgiveness. Actually, I am totally 100% the wrong person to write about this beautiful topic. But then, I have an average human's view on forgiveness. So, while I don't believe in 'forgive and forget'.. or rather, let me say, it's pretty conditional. I find it easy to forgive and forget, if amends have been made, efforts have been made to make up. But just like that? Oh I dunno. I believe in forgiveness, definitely lies the merit. It helps you more than anyone else. It makes your life easier. So that, is a given. But it's the forget part that bothers me sometimes. And that's where time plays the healer. I believe, the trick to forget, is to let go of grudges with time, to people who haven't made an effort to reconcile. Time changes, people change. And beneath all this, lies one firm reality. Every single person has that something special about them, is good at heart. There's something good about everyone. As I firmly believe, every single person HAS to be respected. The way they act, the way we act, is pretty situational, circumstantial.

There are people I've held horrible grudges against. But when I meet them after eons, I think, no wait. That was then. What is it now? Now I give a smile and if I get one, bingo! I am on the path to becoming lighter in the head. Well, that's my mad fundaa. Dunno how's it with you. Do you do that too? Or you decide never ever to bump into those offenders again? I tried to do that, but hey, life is short, world is a small place. Avoidance is certainly not the solution. Every person you forgive with a smile, is every heavy nerve of your brain freed of all that strain. It still takes me time to practice forgiveness. It's damn hard. It's like swallowing a bitter pill. But then I think of all those who have forgiven me, for numerous faults of mine, and I think, what am I? the eternity? the divinity? of course not. That brings me to this very simple and beautiful phrase.. what a pity, it gets lost in the world of intelligence, but treat others the way you'd like to be treated. It's just that. Wouldn't we all want forgiveness.. a second chance? some trust and some love? Ok, I am not getting back to the spiritual happy ending of nirvana and forgiveness. All I am saying is, be open to changing your judgments, letting go of your prejudices and allow time to heal. Forgiveness, will then just follow. :) 

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