Sunday, March 25, 2012

The problem of no problems

Stress free, perfect, sitting in the green lawns, early morning dew, hot cup of tea, delicious breakfast, swimming, meditation, parties... bus.. that's all that we look forward to in life. We hate dealing with problems. I mean we do everything possible to avoid this virus called 'problems'. For many of us, the ideal life is the problem free life where we can keep smiling forever. But you don't need me to tell you that, wishing for a problem free life is no solution. Obviously, if that happened, joy and sorrow, strong and weak, nice and bad.. everything loses meaning. Life loses meaning (Wah!profound!) !

Well, getting to the point. Living life problems free is no fun. Living life problems solved, is more fun. Problems make us uncomfortable, test our grit and determination, test a different trait every time they occur, so they manage to tense us, they are THE things that shake us out of our comfort zones. And register this. Every time you manage to solve a problem, you manage to pass that test of life. Some problems test courage, some test your patience, others, your thinking abilities. The fun is taking problems head on. Nah! That doesn't mean they'll stop coming to you. It just means, they'll be more fun. I know, I know. Fun sounds very optimistic. But you get the point. No? Oh alright. I just mean, you can then stop worrying about obstacles and start concentrating on larger goals, that consist of your dreams.. of all your 'someday I will' list.

It's very very very easy to settle down in comfort zones. Who doesn't love them. Bus, mujhe koi disturb mat karna.. this is how I want life to be. Perfect, pristine, magical. But then, I'd like to end your dreamlike trip with this  cheesy but absolutely correct quote from the Shiv Khera book, 'You can Win'. The toughest steel is the one that passes through the hottest of the fires. Are you ready to face the fire? 

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