Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Zidd

There are some realities that make you arrogant in life. For instance, what you aren't comfortable doing, is perhaps the smartest way to succeed. Is the best way to be happy. What you think isn't ethical, is the 'way' forward. Either do it or don't expect rewards from life. Life is about choices. Agreed. But it is about choosing the way ahead. It isn't a choice about sacrificing the destination, the outcome of the way forward. Everyone has the right to succeed the way they want. Yes, it is a right, that no one should question. It's a reality that everyone should respect.

When the society does not respect your way to success, just because it isn't a part of the 'bandwagon', that's when there's anger. That's when the zidd arises. To prove people wrong. To reiterate that nothing speaks like actions, like work and like deeds. Why is it a crime to quiety succeed? And quietness is often mistaken as arrogance. Sometimes, there are things you aren't born with. Money and beauty for instance. And there's a zidd to command attention and respect despite that. Many people have done it and how. Shahrukh Khan has no hero looks. But look how girls swoon and die for him now. Vidya Balan, that chubby actress everyone thought kya kar legi. She's quiety swept the definition of hot under the carpet and created a new one on her own. Must've been her zidd. Dhoni during the T20 worldcup was perhaps underrated. No one cared about team India going out there.Kya kar lenge! Yet again, proving wrong. Society's ways of ignorance are good. Coz they goad the quiet ones into proving the wise ones wrong. Tendulkar does it all the freakin time. You write him off, and he ensures you bite your tongue and take back all that you've said. He commands respect and never demands it. I think if any of us can do that to ourselves, with a zidd to show the world, that we did it only for the sake of those who are ignored like us, the world will learn to respect, break prejudices and break inhibitions about success.

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