Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Relationships that are not meant to be..

You can plan victories, plan life, have dreams, win battles, achieve goals... but you can never and perhaps should never plan friendships or any other relationships. Because planning, goals and all that makes it so inhuman. They're all about wishing, hoping, wanting.. and then sometimes even letting go.

They're like rivers.. can dry up, flood, change course, and you can't do much except keeping your boat afloat in the tide. No matter how hard you try, some relationships are not meant to be. And you need backstabbing, several hurts to be able to realize the truth and the pain. It makes me question the idea of friendships and other such relationships. Who'd wanna marofy apne pair pe kulhaadi? But again, they're the river you can't help getting swept into.. its mildly interesting and highly disgusting. I guess in the end its about how you handle it. Do you stop getting into this river? Do you get a better oar to guide you well? Do you learn to swim and not need a boat at all? Do you just go away?

It's that part of life, that control freaks hate.. you know, the ones in movies.. 'I can't lose. I have never lost'.. but there's no such thing in the battle for relationships.. and that's when you leave it to time, to god, to it's own course.. What's not meant to be,will never be. What is meant to be, will keep you waiting.. 

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