Monday, March 9, 2009

In a prayer

Hi God,

Perhaps, there is nothing such as fair and unfair for you in your court of justice. I feel you measure the time, the time of happiness that you allot to each one of us. And that time may be depends on the blessings we've earned in our lifetime? I dont know. And when our usage of happiness lapses, you swing into action to bring forth the dreaded dark. I am not afraid of the dark. I am too immuned, insensitive, or perhaps numb to feel it the way it has to be felt. And it's my favourite line, which I coined from my observations, 'Once you get used to the dark, you are able to actually see things around you.' May be. But I feel this time you've been cruel. Cruel in every way possible. And yet I know it's a part of life. It's a test of time that we have to pass through. It's a big confusion in my mind. Should I blame you for the mess I am in? Or should I thank you for the position I am in? Should I scream silently and act filmy and bajao the bell at the temple and say, 'aggarr bhagwaan, aapne aaisa vaisaa kuch kiaa, toh dekh lena'.. or should I instead, look at the world around me.. perhaps that little black kid that came asking for the cold drink in my hands at the traffic signal saying 'Didi, kuch peene ke liye dedo' and actually Thank You for the priviledges that you have given me in this life of mine? 

I have no answers to these. I dont even seek them. Seeking answers is not my purpose of life. But its necessary to ask the questions. I know you will answer me in your own way, at the right time. I just pray, you keep listening to me, and my questions as you always do. I just pray, you are with me, as you always are. 

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yashesh said...

so true yaar.. we always ask for answers from the creator why me? and why now?.. i just pray that he gives us strength n courage to fight the darkness we encounter in different walks of life.