Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Life and it's own plans

You harbour dreams, you live a parallel life in your mind - you visualize everything that you've ever, always wanted. You even work towards it - planning, hesitating, preparing and delivering.

But then you realize that life has other plans. Life plays a game with you. What you want, is certainly NOT in life's agenda at that moment, at least. Sometimes, getting your dream come true is so close that it stares you in the eye - and yet the other moment - it's gone - and oops, you missed it by a whisker is what life tells you in return.

Chase your dreams - they say! If you want it, go get it! They scream. And yet when you chase your dreams and plan towards it - Life pulls you away, Drags you away or drags the dreams away. And you feel like that spider who's trying and trying to build his web - despite of falling every single time.

Oh but I must get up - I must not feel disheartened - you tell yourself. Occasionally in the middle of all of it - you wonder if you're just living in an illusion. And yet, sometimes, despite your best efforts, life has taken control. 

If you sit back in silence, shutting down the aggravated mind, may be you will hear the heart speak. May be it will tell you that the reason why what you wish ain't working out - is because you ain't working on what you have to, may be because you're running away from the tough part of it. 

Tackle the tough part - and all your dreams will fall in to place - or so is the new belief that placates me for the moment as I find a new hook/new meaning/ new reason to my living. 

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