Friday, October 2, 2015

The impossibly possible dream

What you prioritize, reflects in your life. 
So if there are things you rue about, 
Know that they haven't been in focus enough. 
And if there are things you've run behind, but haven't come to you,
Know that it's a signal for something better to happen. 

But it is that dream, that makes you smile every time you go to sleep,
that you mustn't let go. Because it is that dream, when it comes true,
It will make you believe in everything cliche again. Hard work and you. 
Go after it, with all the energy you can muster. 
Yes, you will slow down, in the journey. Yes, you will wander.
But your dream will keep you unhappy, until it turns into a reality.
Your dream will bring you back to the grind, refreshed, recharged, revitalized. 

Know that if you give your sweat and dedication to your dreams,
Nothing is ever impossible to achieve. 
So do it for the thrill of killing the word impossible. 
So do it for the joy of embracing fear as a tool of excel
So do it because you have one precious life.
And in that one precious life, if you haven't achieved an impossible dream,
What have you then ever achieved? 

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