Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dream. And that's when the story begins...

What would life be without dreams? Dreams.. that help us be what we aren't. Dreams, that help us achieve, what we don't. Dreams that help us do, what we can't. No wonder, when reality fails to make us happy, we take the help of dreams, to avoid putting a full stop to our needs.

Many believe dreams are dreams, not meant to become a reality. For them, dreams have a sacred and sacrosanct place in life. It helps them de-stress, feel better, but they do not expect anything from their dreams. It's like coming back to reality and saying 'forget it.' That's a pretty widespread bread of people.

Then there are some, who know somethings can never happen, and make them happen in their dreams. Here I am talking about love, relationships and more. Actually, love is something, that should never be taken as a goal, you can't achieve it, you can't succeed in it, if it is not meant to happen. Ditto for all other relationships. If there's anything that has to be left to the flow of life, it's relationships. And hence, we often dream about the perfect relationships in our lives... because what will happen in reality, no one has ever known.

And then, there are those, who dream and then pick up the dream to be an object of obsessive desire, just like a 2 yr old child would set his eyes on a fancy toy and go non-stop 'I WANT THAT'. These are dreams that you HAVE to, WANT to and are WILLING to convert to reality. These are in short, what we call, 'Dream come true'. These dreams are perhaps the hardest to achieve. They have a path which lingers for years and they require dedication that sucks up all the will power and determination that you'd have. They teach you the power of hope. They test patience. They are not something everyone will set to achieve. But those who do, will win a landmark in their own lives, inspire others and set the tone of truth to this wonderful tagline Nike has. Impossible is nothing.

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