Sunday, June 10, 2007

looking thru the dark.

A famous person has said, ' When you get used to the dark, you can actually see everything around you.' oh.. and did I tell you, that famous person is myself! :) hehehe. sorry for a stupid start to such a heavily titled blog. But do starts always have to be grave and heavy?? I mean I know I love irony, but I seriously believe, there has to be, there is, a lighter side to even the dark! (applause! I am really marofying good statements today!). I mean there have been times when even I, have raised valid questions. Does dark always have to be black? Or does black always have to be dark? Ok, to prove my stupid point, here's an example. I always steal a glance at the sky for reference purposes (I love the sky, sometimes I wonder if I'm a talented scientist with my talent yet to be discovered). Imagine this. Look at the sky at night. Stars, moon, silver.. wow! that's one bright black that I really admire. We all must have felt the momentary blind when lights are suddenly switched off. But pretty soon, may be in 5 seconds or so, our eyes adjust themselves to the black and we can actually see thru it. May be we can apply the same philosophy in life. Learn to see thru the dark. and you will realize the beauty of light and the bright. Take a look at this pic. Dont the colours and the hazy designs look appealing because of the black?? or.. take this blog page itself. doesnt the writing stand out in this black space.. makes you notice it, admire it and may be even read it! :P Ok. When i drew this pic, I had no clue what I would make it stand for, or what it meant. right now, im just extracting semantics from it to make it of relevance. otherwise you can also term it as S.O (show off :P) hahaha. But seriously. I am sure if you take a closer look at the pic, there can be so much more that you would infer for yourself and may be on my behalf. Im glad its difficult to guess the actual reason y i drew this pic! yipee! but keep yourself involved! Coz the vaguest things can show you reality with an amazing clarity.
I somehow admire the dark days and darker experiences for what they've taught me. I am what i am, more so because of my faliures rahter than success. I've learnt to laugh then, I've learnt to cry then.. So much so that now I am least afraid of it. actually I am the friend of the dark. Interestingly, landscapes of rising sun, beaches dont interest me as much as the setting sun and the moonlit sky, as you would have read in the previous blogs. Oh.. dont think Im a psychic person. :) I think our smile is anyday sufficient to make the night as bright as a day :) Just keep a smile on your face, learn to admire the darkest days and you will look thru the dark as clearly as on a bright sunny day! break the damn stereotype of rising sun, and see happiness wherever you can. So tell me, Is black always dark???

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